Monday, February 14, 2005

KY and a KY Teacher Violate 1st Amendment

Here is an open violation of the 1st Amendment and and of SCOTUS rulings. The article is written in a very clever way with what I believe is a pro-creationist leaning. That may not be the views of the reporter, but it is written in a way to give more than a positive light on those trying to put religion into schools. The article even goes to the kids to present a "see, no one was harmed" tone to the story. This teacher is teaching religion in public schools. This also sounds like it is staged for the benefit of the reporter. The most objectionable portion of the article is where it puts the nut case Ken Ham on par with a local college professor. Ken Ham is to science, as Snake handlers are to Mainstream Christianity. Giving him a platform is giving him standing he does not deserve. He is a nut case, and is bank rolled by many fools, including a would be local politician.

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