Friday, February 11, 2005

Hamilton County Decentralization?

What does a $70/hr consultant know about Hamilton County? The Republican county commissioners appear to believe he knows something. I don't know how. You know all governments and communities are alike, so we can just take a cookie cutter, apply the shape this man is selling and shut up and like it.

Si Leis is pissed about hiring this guy, a source indicates. Si appears to be pissed generally because his budget faces cuts, which is a common reaction, but when he talked with the commissioners recently it illustrated friction, not unity with his fellow Republicans. Now, who would not have friction with Si Leis? Other than ignorant voters of course.

What makes me nervous are the goals of Phil and Pat, illustrated by this from the article:
The contract with Roberts is written broadly enough to give him a consulting voice in reforming virtually all aspects of county government under the control of the county commissioners, including "a redistribution of responsibilities" with the city of Cincinnati.
Is this a plan to just dump down the government functions, or all those it can, from the county to the municipalities? Or in the case of Hamilton County, a way for the burbs to dump on the City?

The toxic twins of the Cincinnati GOP are already threatening to cut the funding of SORTA, will they just pull out and force the city to cover it all? There have been plans floated recently for the city and county to swap service responsibilities, but what services and who stands to gain? I can only see the Blue Ashs, Maderias, and even Norwoods looking to keep county services on things they can benefit from, not others outside their areas.

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