Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Taking Sides

With the Mayor's race heating up, things are likely to get prickly soon. With Mallory and Pepper officially declared, and Reece and maybe even Smitherman on the way soon, Democrats campaigners will have to choose sides.

What happens if things get ugly? Can the local Democrats survive the family feud if things go negative? Last election things got dirty with fake posters and dancing councilmen. This time around with more money then ever before and people with lots of loathing, things are bound to boil over into the nasty.

What happens after either the September Primary or after the election? Will Democrats unite? Will they work forward in 2006 to fill statewide offices? The Coalition that is the Democratic Party has traditionally be a glass jawed affiliation that shatters after the first spilled drink. Local races can get personal, but does everyone understand that you really have to live with your competitors tomorrow?

Here is where the GOP can play games. Like the Lynch-Linder Poster caper, someone could use that type of stunt as a means to play two or more sides off each other and appear clear of linkage. Many rumors flew around as to who made those posters. Most pointed toward a foe of Lynch inside the black community. That may have been true, but likely it was from inside the Democratic Party. The post had enough of an effect to keep Damon Lynch off council. In a strong field of candidates for mayor with either money or a platform, things might get ugly and people will get their feelings hurt. These stunts likely can’t swing a wide race, but with 3 to 5 viable candidates, the polls could be all over the place right up to primary day.

With a plugged in blog scene here in town and everyone, including me, looking to drop a bomb on the race, dropping a dime to a favorable blogger could push this campaign like no other in Cincinnati history.

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