Friday, February 25, 2005

Pancake Vegas

What ever happens in OTR, stays in OTR. In his post on Leslie Ghiz Nate Livingston brought up his flirtation with the Hamilton County GOP and his possible candidacy for Cincinnati City Council.
Leslie's entry into the race makes me want to run. Last Saturday I attended the Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club's annual pancake breakfast out at the Sharonville Convention Center. What goes on at the pancake breakfast, stays at the pancake breakfast. But I can say it was quite interesting and I learned a lot through my conversations with some of Hamilton County's top Republicans, including Congressman Rob Portman, Sheriff Simon Leis, numerous judges, and other elected officials and Party workers.
I really wanted to avoid laughing out loud at this or even commenting on it, but I just could not let it go by. Does Nate really think that his former jailer would stand by and let him get endorsed as a Republican? No, Nate is not that foolish. I hope these conversations were at least civil, but I would bet money that any and all of the GOP officer holders who actually knew who Nate is, gritted their teeth and poured him a cup of coffee. They would have likely preferred to hurl a few four letter words at him, but they are also smart enough to not make a scene.

I wonder what really happened at the breakfast to make Nate tight lipped? Did he drip maple syrup on his tie or something?

Save Our City has comments as well.

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