Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sam I Am

In what appears to be a text rendering of acceptance speech from Chris Monzel we lean that the newly appointed councilmember plans on working with Sam. That Sam is Councilmember Sam Malone. We are told that Monzel will work with Sam, work with Sam, and work with Sam some more. We don't read how he will work with anyone else, you know, like the other 7 members of council and the mayor. Without working with at least a few others they will not get anything done.

Why didn't this gain attention:
And during this past year, I have been asked many times by people: "When are you moving?" and "now you don' have to live in the city any more." And honestly my wife and I did think about moving out to the suburbs.
So who is asking Chris when he is moving and why? Also, WHY WOULD YOU APPOINT A PERSON TO COUNCIL WHO CONSIDERED MOVING TO THE SUBURBS? If he can't commit to living the in city no matter if he is on council or not, then he does not belong on city council.

This reads like something Steve at BlueChip Review wrote as satire. The problem is that it appears real. Steve should have made a better reference that it was a speech, not a column written specially for his publication.

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