Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I-71 Shooter(s)?

A pickup truck was shot at while on I-71 early this morning, no one was injured. This freaks me out. I drive by this every day, and drove by this area 3 hours or so after it happened. I saw nothing out there, but I enter I-71 only a few hundred yards before the Stewart Exit, where the the SUV carrying the shooting suspects fled.

The critical element of this that the article mentions in passing is that the drivers may know each other or that the two cars had some kind of previous confrontation. In other words this may have been either a grudge or "Road Rage." I like to think it was the former, not the latter, but if the local TV news gets a hold it, nothing would matter.

UPDATE: WCPO reports a more detailed story saying this may have been a drug deal gone wrong. With all of the shootings and murders yesterday, this might just drop under the radar. I would have thought the folks in Madeira and Kenwood would be screaming their lungs off over this. They may still; the life of this story is still very young.

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