Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dragging Feet?

Are Lloyd Memorial High School dragging their feet in allowing a Gay-straight club on campus? Based on the article they obviously are trying to not have to establish one. If they have any other activist groups, or more importantly, if they have any religious based groups, then they have no choice but to allow the club. If not, you can guess that bigotry is preventing it from happening. Now, honestly, I would not want to be an openly homosexual teenager living in Erlanger, Kentucky. The anti-homosexual blind hate that seethes from far too many brain washed kids is one of the worst forms of torment know to American Schools. Things may have changed some other the last few years, but has it changed in Erlanger? At least we did not have to hear the local preacher threatening the protest the school meeting. Imagine if this was in Adams County, Ohio.

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