Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State SC Justice Arrested for DUI

Democratic Justice Alice Robie Resnick has been arrested on charges of DUI. If you do the crime, face the time. This is stupid, stupid, stupid. Why would a 65 year old Judge try and drive home drunk? Why would anyone let her? Call a freakin cab!

I understand that she is one of the few left of the court with an ounce of fairness for the consumer, but doing this does nothing but tarnish her career. It sounds like her career will not be affected much. That is good for her, but is it good when a Justice make such a stupid mistake? What will be sad is how she will be pounced on by her foes. Yesterday as a fluke I had on 700 WLW during part of my drive to lunch and heard Bill Cunningham mentioned it. He managed to sound almost fair in the minute I listened to it, and then it went into news, so I don't know how he hammered her after the break. She has been a big target of Business leaders in the past. She will have a big problem if she seeks re-election.

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