Monday, February 07, 2005

Academic 'Freedom'

Four GOP Ohio Legislators having been reading right wing blogs and talk radio a lot and want to keep teachers in university from introducing "controversial matter and coursework that has no relation to the class’s subject of study."

Several obvious problems, this goes against local control of education, a GOP issue. This also brings up a culture police by requiring someone to define what "controversial matter" entails. It also brings up the horrid concept of watching professors in an FBI informant frame of mind. This is asking people to become McCarthyites, dropping a dime on a commie being rewarded with a gold star.

What I wonder most is that are these four legislators going to apply this to all public schools? If so, they might start with anyone trying to push creationism or its watered down version Intelligent Design on public school science classes. These two topics are without question controversial matters and neither have any relation to any science class's subject of study. I therefore suggest they start cleaning out their house, before worrying about a professor talking about ideas.

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