Friday, August 16, 2002

BRONSON: Defending Iraq Why the media get no respect
Bronson should look before leaps, or in this case read before he pontificates his preposterous prejudices. Bronson seems to be acting like Kathy Wilson in one respect. Both seem to like to live with dual ideologies. Kathy switches between liberal and progressive populist, while Pete goes from right-wing conservative to a conservative libertarian. Pete seems to want the press to just shut up and let Bush rule by decree, no questions asks. This is not the kind of article I would expect from a Journalist. I don't even think the hard-line conservative columnist Cal Thomas would agree with Bronson. Sure Cal would spout his usual neo-theocratic rantings, but he wants a critical press. Bronson seems to want a New York Times that is a cheerleader what ever adventure his buddy Dubya wants to go on.

If Dick Armey, Henry A. Kissinger, and Brent Scowcroft are not enough for Pete to see that his trite 1950's anti-commie attitude really even falls flat on its face in the eyes of some conservative heavyweights, then nothing will. I know Pete lives in a bubble, and he trying to force that bubble on the rest of us, but I wonder if knows how fragile it is. Don't look now Pete, you might just be the odd man out in the GOP someday. Well, that is a reach on my part. The GOP by definition can only regress, progress goes against their National Platform.

And another thing:
Bronson writes: "There's ample proof that Saddam collaborated with al-Qaida and Osama. "
Where the hell does Peter get this kind of information from? If he has the ample proof, then let his readers read it. Either Peter is talking out of his ass on this one, or he has sources in the government that would make any Washington Journalist jealous. Since Peter is only a lowly columnist in Cincinnati, and not working for Gannett at the Pentagon, I will bet on the former.

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