Sunday, August 18, 2002

Police contain unruly youths (Riot)
Hot off the presses! I applaud the Enquirer for getting this story on the web this late and this fast. At around 12:00 AM the local Fox network station WXIX ran a crawl over its programming advising the public of "disturbances" (meaning riot) downtown and advising people to stay away from the downtown area. This is just not a shocker to me. I am not surprised that this kind of thing happened. I wonder how good the reporting on this story will be tomorrow (today). The races of the rioters were not mentioned in the article, which is not a surprise. The question is did people from the reds game and the black family reunion both involved in the riot or just from the black family reunion? Could there have been a conflict between races? I say this only because of the subtitle of the article "Crowds leaving Reds game, Reunion roam downtown" and this quote: "The Cincinnati Reds game and the Black Family Reunion festivities at Sawyer Point were letting out at about 10 p.m., when police began reporting large groups of unruly people at different points in the city." This is rather vague and it seems to be either an ass covering for not knowing if people from the game were involved, or it was an attempt to try and show that they are not assuming the presumably whites at the game were not implicated in the riot to appease the black readers.

Update: Korte has updated the story and removed my big quote above. The revised story indicates that the riot was minor and was caused mostly from people from the black family reunion. The police scanner has had reports of several instances of shots fired in different part of the city, in Over-the-Rhine and the area Northeast of the Coryville area.

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