Friday, August 23, 2002

1230 the Buzz The Week in Review
The hypocrisy was rampant on today’s show.
Jay will challenge a white man called "Lumpy" and his generalizations about blacks, but he will not challenge the black racists who every day on the Buzz call in and make far more objectionable and invalid generalizations than "Lumpy" was making.

John seems to think that looking at a group of black men while sitting a light justifies a group of drug dealers from trying to intimidate him.

Excuses for youths rioting seems to be something Jay and Emmanuel like to perpetuate.

John can generalize about whites, and that is ok?

Double standard again, Rafael can't read between the lines, but Emmanuel can "translate" for the boycotters who call into the program.

"one of them did, now they all must think that way"

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