Saturday, August 24, 2002

News - No Shirt, No Shoes, No Baggy Pants?
This is an old story, but I had a personal experience with "baggy pants". On Friday, while getting lunch on 6th Street, I was subjected to following a man, aged 20 to 25, with his pants below his ass. He had on boxer shorts, so nothing was showing, but this was disgusting. The man not wearing a shirt and was carrying a small child. I think his pants even had a belt. I was never close enough to him to comment, but I was contemplating doing so. I was thinking about how to say I thought what he was doing was wrong, without being label a racist. Our, I did not mention this guy was black. That is not really important, except for my hesitation of going out of my way to tell this man to pull his pants up. I also hesitated a bit because he was not a kid. That made me conclude that he was wearing his pants this way on purpose. I had seen an earlier example of this on a younger person while driving along Central Parkway. This person was around 16 to 18 years old, and was walking with a girl of similar age. I was in my car this time and did not stop of course. No one else was walking around the couple, so my motivation to stop was very minimal.

Is this supposed to be a fashion statement? It appears to be more like a primal mating ritual. This man yesterday just strutted like a peacock down 6th street during midday lunch rush. This must be a self-centered person who really needs the attention. Well, I have given it too him, but I think those who read this and those who saw him came away with the same impression that I have. This person is ill-mannered, inconsiderate, and self centered. I wish I could have said something to him, with the fear of being called a racist because any white person questioning the actions of a black person is more often than not considered racist by the black community and "white guilt" crowd.

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