Saturday, August 17, 2002

Slavery Reparations Rally on C-SPAN
This was a rally for black racists, black bigots, and black separatists. If this was the KKK it would not be on TV. I sent a letter to C-SPAN about this:

Dear C-SPAN,

I really found much of the Slavery Reparations Rally to be nothing more than a forum for black racists, separatists, and bigots to spew their propaganda on national TV. There is no real outcry about this from National media or even in the right-wing media outlets. The event appears to be the same degree of racism as a KKK rally or other Neo-nazi groups might have. The only thing missing at the Reparations Rally was the overt call for violence. Some groups there however would be in favor of using violence to achieve their goals of revenge against the "white man." I wish there was a way to have equal time for racists, but I think that would do more harm than good. I would have preferred that you not air this event at all.

B. Griffin

This event has two themes: Where's my money and how can we seek revenge on the "White Man." The real question is: will the local boycotters be in DC or protesting the Black Family Reunion?

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