Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Final Reply from John Schlagetter
I don't think John has enjoyed our email exchange, and was not over joyous to have me publish them. He has a quasi-blog, but seems none to keen on mine. Well, I will just have to post my opinions here on his comments. It was fun while it lasted. I would guess that he thinks I am at least a bigot. I would be one of the white people he claims is in denial over the rampant racism. I will post a retort to this email tomorrow, if I have time.

Subj: RE: Comments on 1230 the Buzz on 08/18/2002
Date: 08/20/2002 7:15:50 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: john@foregenitor.com
To: CincyBlog@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Mr. Griffin. Oppression and repression do not have to be codified to exist and occur.

I believe the caller you cite identified himself as a Black Panther (an aged one at that if memory serves me correctly). I do not recall a specific statement that caller made which merited a challenge, and I was unprepared (in re the absence of my scheduled guest) to engage in a discussion of the merits of either the Black Panthers or the New Black Panthers. I did, if you recall, cite my disagreement with Malik Shabazz's characterization of Saddam Hussein as "poor old Saddam Hussein doesn't even have a can of Raid."

When callers to my show or, when necessary, any show (I currently am out of broadcast range during the day and therefore do not call or fax in) makes an inflammatory, patently inaccurate, or biased statement, I do challenge it. One reason I like Pat Barry's show is that he typically does allow such language to go unchallenged, unlike Bill Cunningham (I cannot speak to Mike McConnell's show).

I am aware of your blog but I have no interest in participating in an Andrew Sullivan-Paul Krugman style flame war. While I recognize that email connotes no guarantee of privacy, I consider it private communication akin to letter writing and telephone conversations. Regards,

The weirdest thing he kept on doing was call me Mr. Griffin. I called him John all of the time. I hoped he got the hint that I was not trying to be super formal and he did not have to put on his politician manners, but I don't mind the formality. I felt tacky by not showing the same, but oh well.

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