Saturday, August 31, 2002 seems to be showing a clear bias in their comments on this story:
"Jail the leader, just like the old South during civil rights movement
The 1st Ohio District Court of Appeals upheld Nathaniel Livingston Jr.'s conviction and sentence for disrupting a speech by Mayor Charlie Luken at the Oktoberfest opening ceremony in Fountain Square. It reminded us of the old South. If all else fails, jail the leader. Link to story
Where the hell did they get this? This "us" they mention, is that the same "us" that is a boycott supporter? This comment is unfair and unjust. Nate Livngston deserves what he gets. He is no civil rights leader; he is a bigot, a racist, an opportunist, and an attention whore. Trying to compare him to the civil rights leaders of the 1960's is ludicrous, and it is even more outlandish to compare his prosecution to acts of the Old South. I have not seen this website exhibit such unabashed bias before, but I will have to keep better watch. It is one thing to comment on story and criticize it, but it is another thing to make outlandish exaggerations with no basis in fact. CincyNation has made a big mistake in mixing its news links with it editorial. If they want to be a blog, then be a blog, don't try to be an objective source of news, and bait and switch it with opinion.

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