Sunday, August 18, 2002

John Schlagetter's Reply
I was surprised to get this so fast, but I was glad to get a response. I don't agree with the response, but I appreciate my opinion being heard. I am crafting my reply, and will be sending it later tonight or tomorrow.

Subj: RE: Comments on 1230 the Buzz on 08/18/2002
Date: 08/18/2002 3:08:48 PM Eastern Standard Time

Mr. Griffin: The tenor of your email presumes my positions on these issues rather than inquiring about them. Within the limited confines of a one hour radio program (closer to 40 minutes once commercials and callers are netted out), I try to cover many subjects primarily to hear from others. I present information and, when I feel it appropriate and not propogandistic, my opinion.

I take great issue with many representations of the NBPP4SD and statements made by Malik Shabazz and Endure X. It was not my intent today to debate the merits or veracity of the NBPP4SD; I wasn't going to talk about it at all except my guest didn't show. Instead, I wanted to introduce the subject and hear what callers had to say.

In regards to reparations, I'm fairly sure I talked about the difficulty in dimensionalizing not just the problem but whatever solution may exist. My conversation at the show's end with "Lock and Load" addressed just such concerns. Contextualizing the issue within the realm of additional issues you cite (suffrage, etc.) is part of the problem; however, I do not believe such analogies are reasons to not have the reparations discussion.

You don't have to tell me about the KKK: my first appearance before a Committee of Council was to discuss the Klan and I cited the FBI's characterization of it as a domestic terrorist organization.

Yes, the first purpose of talk radio is to entertain. I attempt to do so with bona fide information and considered opinion. I do not "blame the white man," but having talked to as many thousands of Cincinnatians as I have, I would be remiss in not identifying the ways in which whites, in fact, repress and oppress non-whites.

Had I time today, I was going to address the xenophobia evidenced by the NBPP4SD; my "non-responsiveness to outright racism" simply isn't so. I repeatedly (when relevant to the conversation) state that blacks can in fact be racists; however, when discussing the impact of racism, that of whites grossly outweighs that of non-whites.

Rest assured, I won't be calling you anything, and I am promoting no such thing as "revenge on the 'white man' by blacks." Such a statement lacks fails the straight face test. I assume you had tuned in to listen to Ken Anderson's show- perhaps if you listen to The Week In Review on Fridays from 1-4 and my regular Sunday Buzz from 2-3 you will develop a more holistic opinion of my views. And don't hesitate to call in with your views- 749-1230.

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