Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Random Comments on Jay Love's 1230 the Buzz Show Today (08/20/2002)
Jay wants blacks to support black owned media. So if I say support "white owned media", how long before I am called a racist?

Jay can't make any assumptions about the teenager pictured on the front page of the 08/20/2002 Enquirer, but he can say that he expects 700 WLW hosts or callers to refer to the kids who rioted as "savages". That might be good enough for Sensible Don's insensible comments page.

Does Jay see the irresponsibility in giving a forum to black separatist groups? The more you allow racists to spew their propaganda unchallenged on the air, the more listeners who will start agreeing with their propaganda.

I am losing a lot of respect for Jay over this issue. His attitude appears to be to dismiss what happened, and infer that is was no big deal, a media hyped event done by the "white" media to try and tarnish the Black Family Reunion. The BFR has been tarnished all by itself. When a festival is held to celebrate and promote a strong black family, and it ends with the children of a large number of black families rioting, the irony can't help but be seen.

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