Thursday, August 29, 2002

Major union may bust boycott
This is one huge test for the boycott. If the AFL-CIO caves into to this group, that will show some real movement in the effectiveness of the boycott. If the AFL-CIO does not cave they will be called every kind of racist there is to be called. I would bet the union rank and file would be very against the boycott and most of the boycott demands except the pro-union demand listed to try and bring the unions into it. The Union leadership sees this as the only way to gain power in the changing politic of the city and the nation. The far left socialistic economic policies are dying hard and fast with the populace. Liberals like myself are full-blooded capitalists and might support the right of workers to unionize, but deplore the 1930's mindset in methods and goals. I bet they will not cave totally, and look for some kind of compromise.

This news article seems like a plug for the boycotters, adding the pressure the boycotters want. Additionally, if your main quotes are from Nate Livingston, you must have really been scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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