Sunday, August 18, 2002

John Schlagetter Has Lost My Vote
His white guilt and his "blame the white man" opinions are nuts and I wrote him an email regarding his program this morning on 1230 the Buzz. I wonder if John's promotion of the racist and black separatist New Black Panther Party is done to keep him on the good side in case they ever take over the country. Oh how the ignorance and emotional rationalizations prevail. If he ever runs for office again, I will not vote for him. Here is my email:

Subj: Comments on 1230 the Buzz on 08/18/2002
Date: 08/18/2002 11:36:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: CincyBlog


I agree with you on many or even most issues, but your ambiguity on Reparations is just nuts. Should I blame myself for the oppression of the Irish because I am English, while also being Irish? Should I sue the US government for allowing the oppression of me by religion? Should women sue for being denied the right to vote and own property? What you are being ambiguous is old world sectarianism. You are allowing extremists groups to gain credence from you opinion. The New Black Panther part party is listed at as one of several hate groups in the US. These are listed right next to the KKK and skinheads. I really hope this is just a way for you to entertain your audience, and not your sincere viewpoint, but I fear not. I voted for you in the last election, but your blame the "white man" view points and your non-response to out right racism in your interaction with the New Black Panther Party is something I cannot consider to be a reasonable position for any person. I will not vote for you for any office ever again. You can call me a white person in denial all day long, but you seem to be promoting a movement for revenge on the "white man" by blacks.

Brian Griffin
Mt. Washington

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