Wednesday, August 28, 2002

CityBeat: 'Continuous Pressure' - Interview with Rev. Lynch III
One word: Softball. There were a couple of questions that were semi-critical, one about Islam over Christianity, and the other about Lynch's father supporting Billy Graham. The separatist question had promise, but without knowledge of any follow-up questions, it loses all meaning. In that question he did confirm that he wants an afro-centric society, or at least he wants a separate afro-centric society. This is a passive form of black separatism. What I still do not get is what is the difference between euro-centric and afro-centric? What is euro-centric? I have never been to Europe, well except that I think I was conceived in Spain, but other than that my culture is American. I am not European. I like Europeans. There are commonalities between American Culture and European Culture, but they are clearly not the same.

What is it about American culture that Lynch does not like? Does he hate the fact that historically most of the faces one sees are not black? Is that it? I don’t fathom his position if it is not separatism. He wants to live in what he calls afro-centric, but I think it is clear he wants a black dominated society. He thinks that is what white people need: “Maybe it's time for the 30 percent white kids to sit through an Afro-centric education, the way we had to sit through a Euro-centric education.

Mr. Lynch and the boycotters have no desire to get along with the mainstream society. They want to live in a society where they are dominant. If I reject it, I am called a racist, as my hate emailer has pointed out to me. I have no choice but to reject their bid to take over the city and seek revenge on the white citizens of the society. It appears that the boycotters will not be satisfied until they can form their own Apartheid society here in Cincinnati. They want a South Africa style system where instead of white control; they are in control.

I know that some of my readers are hoping I am going over the top. I really hope I am over the top on this issue, but I see little evidence to sway me that my extreme conclusions are not really that extreme. How far apart are the views of the “Black Fist” from the Black United Front? I would hope the are miles apart, but the “Black Fist” is a hate group, the equal to a neo-nazi group, and I do adhere to the adage that you are who your friends are. If you are friends with and are supported by a hate group, you are a hate group.

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