Thursday, August 22, 2002

City melees got national air play
Thanks to a new reader I played close attention to the first paragraph of this article. It irked me to such a degree that I had to send the reporter an email.

Subj: 08/22/2002 Article: City melees got national air play
Date: 08/22/2002 8:22:54 PM Eastern Standard Time


I could not get past the first sentence:
"Two consecutive nights of civil disobedience in downtown Cincinnati will make the Black Family Reunion 2002 a memorable event — but for all the wrong reasons."
How can you call this civil disobedience? Did I miss something? Was there a protest? If you said "uncivil disobedience", then you would more on target. I think you and your editor might want to rethink your terminology. I guess you would call April 2001 riots an "uprising"??? I really suggest that you remove what can only be considered bias.

Brian Griffin

I would guess the bias comment would label me a right-winger. If you don't know I am a full-blown liberal. A Henry Fonda liberal is a colorful way to put it, but I don't know how else to cut my liberalism away from the progressive-populists that are called liberals by the conservatives. I would bet this reporter received a ton of emails, so I doubt a response will come.

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