Wednesday, August 28, 2002

BRONSON: Tainted vote
"The only thing more amazing than the news in this town is the stuff that is not considered news."
Peter you need to address this issue with the newsroom of the Cincinnati Enquirer. You readers cannot do much about it, beyond bitch about it like I am.

On Monday WLW talk show host Mike McConnell read on the air from this column or a similar unpublished story about the same incident and included information that the protestor “broke” into the NAACP offices, banged on walls, and barged into the local NAACP board meeting and stayed until they board “voted” to change the site of the dinner. Mike facts correspond with the Bronson column, but go a bit further in implicating the intimidation and coercion used by protestors, or what could be called, most appropriately, THUGS.

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