Saturday, August 31, 2002

CAA capitulation prompts resignation
The key paragraph: "Judge Jones said Friday that he could not tolerate a decision by the agency board to move its annual dinner out of a downtown hotel simply because board members were afraid after being threatened with physical harm."
This sounds like it vindicates the lawsuit by the Cincinnati Arts group and it supports Peter Bronson's Column. Why the newspaper only has Nate Livingston as a spokesperson is a mystery. How can anyone trust a convicted criminal's claims? Was he the first person called or the last person called? Linda Newman and Amanda Mayes were not answering their phones? Nate’s claims were rather dubious, at best. These threats should be investigated. This has all of the earmarks of extortion. I hope the police and/or Mike Allen do not shy away from the firestorm that would be created in going after the "thuggish" boycotters who made these threats to the CAA.

I wonder what it took to get this story into the newspaper and to get it as a top story? This kind of incident has in the past only been in Peter Bronson’s columns. What changed in this set of facts? Does Judge Jones’s words carry more weight? Does a former Mayor, Bobbie Stern, raise so many eyebrows that no one can avoid this story? I hope the Enquirer keeps this kind of reporting up, and does follow-up and see if any prosecutions occur. Will Mike Allen look into this? Will the CJC find a patsy? Stay tuned.

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