Wednesday, August 28, 2002

KORTE: City Hall
I have no problem with Ms Lemmie speaking her mind. I do think it is unwise for Charlie Luken to have her speaking to the media on a regular basis about non-specific city business. Lemmie is not a political official, she is an operations manager.

I clearly disagree with her contention that slavery reparations are an issue that should be discussed by lawmakers. If that is the case why don't lawmakers discuss giving the Nation of Islam their own state as they wish? Why should we do neither, you might obviously ask? We should not discuss crimes of lineage or appeasement. I am not responsible for the crimes of my father let alone the alleged crimes that my great-great-great grandfather, who most likely did not commit any crimes against blacks, and probably knew few, if any black people. I am sure to get more hate mail, but facts out way the bigotry of a few.

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