Sunday, August 18, 2002

Battle of the Local News Outlets
Using their websites as guides, which into today's climate if you don't have a good website then you are behind the times, I will rate the local major news outlets on this story.
Enquirer: gets an A-; The were the only outlet to have their website updated last night and did it twice within an hour. The only get a negative because they did not have anything additional to report this morning and only had one picture.
FOX19: gets a B+; They had one the most telling quotes in their story that hit the web page this morning, and they even put crawl on the screen last night to warn people not to go downtown.
700WLW: gets a C+; They are the only place for live broadcasted breaking news on the half hour, which they had at midnight, but at 12:30 AM they only listed the weather and a national news update, nothing on the local news, not even who won the baseball game.
CincyPost: gets a C-; They do not publish on Sunday so not updating their website is normal, but on this kind of story I would have called someone in to the newsroom and at least used a wire story for it.
WCPO and WRKC: both get D's; They have not updated their websites at all which is par for the course for the weekend for both stations.
WDBZ the Buzz: gets an F; They went off the air after midnight last night and this morning they had live programming and they carried on as if nothing had happened. If I did this post later they may change programming one they go live from the Black Family Reunion, but at this point it is awful.

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