Thursday, August 22, 2002

SMITH AMOS: Black Family Reunion
This column was not bad, but one issue stuck in my craw.
"Next year, they should add more police on horses, patrolling the streets in cars with lights going, and stationed at the transportation hubs and gathering places."
In less than 2 weeks about 500,000 thousand people will be on the riverfront. I have been there myself, including last year. After the event, on the Cincinnati side, there has to be at least 100,000 if not 200,000 thousand people who walk up Broadway or other streets into the business district. There are not cops lining the way up there. There are not many cops at transportation hubs. Why is that a crowd, half of which are under 21, can walk in huge groups and not run rampant and start attacking bus drivers? I just don't get why 100,000 people can go without rioting, but a few hundred kids can't walk a mile without breaking a few windows. Is it just me?

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