Friday, August 16, 2002

Jay Love doesn't get it

Jay Love, afternoon talk show host on 1230 the Buzz, does not get it. On his 08/15/2002 show, he railed on a letter to the editor of the Enquirer. This letter discussed the Black Family Reunion in town this weekend, and the letter talked about how a "White" Family Reunion would be called racist. The letter writer is correct. A reunion would be called racist by many many blacks if it was called such and celebrated "White History and Culture". I really have no idea what "White History and Culture" is supposed to be. Is it European in basis? Well, parts of my family have been in this country since 1630 when they left England, and that same family only came to England in 1069 from France. I am really French? I don't want to be, but I can't fault My mega-great-grandfather Mr. de la Feld. I however am American. I really don't have any other culture to fall back on. That culture is a mixture of many elements of other cultures, but I don't view myself as needing to celebrate what I know I am. If I were to celebrate being an American, I am sure Jay would not want to attend my reunion and more than I would want to go the Black Family Reunion.

Jay is missing the point on his flawed comparison between having the Black Family Reunion and an Italian Festival or Octoberfest. He seems to equate being Italian or German to being Black. Jay wants to combine his race and his ethnicity into one item and expects others to not get a little miffed when he does it. If Jay were to have a Jamaican Festival or a South African Festival he can compare it to Italians or Germans.

The real problem with the name is what it means to most people. I think Jay views this as a Reunion of Black Families, but the name appears to compare itself to the Smith Family Reunion. The Smith Family Reunion is for Smiths. It is not about promoting being a Smith to the outside world, it is just for the Smiths of the world to get together and share their common lineage. When I hear the term "Black Family Reunion", I think of a get together for blacks together and share their common lineage. This just does not sit right with me. This Black Family Reunion is drawn not on blood relatives, but instead on race. The letter writer's point was valid and a name change would go a long way to draw in "whites".

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