Friday, August 16, 2002

Bill Cunningham hoax backfires
WLW should not be whining about this. You live by the crass hoax, you die by the crass hoax. Mike McConnell was all up in arms over this column by John Kiesewetter on his WLW radio program today. I think Mike and program director Darryl Parks need to rethink that which they spout off about when talking about their radio station. Mike says the Kiesewetter just "doesn't get it." What does he not get? Does he not get the inside jokes? Does he not get why your station does this kind of programming? I don't get that. I know this kind of programming goes on all the time on WLW, but unless you listen regularly, or know the hosts personally, you have little clue as to when WLW is being honest and reporting information, or when you are making stuff up. I don't mind that they make stuff up, and try to have fun. The problem is, as I have said before, they want to be both a serious radio station with news, and they want to be a sophomoric station where cheap stunts gets you a really "vanilla" audience. In this case it is intellectually simple, instead of being puritanically pure. If WLW wants to be a goof off station, fine, but don't try to be a news station as well. I can't trust anything I hear on that station as being factual. Mike even thought Monty Python's Life of Brian came out in the early 1970's. Damn, I was not born until 1972, but I could tell by the production value it came out later than that. Plus, I new where to look up that it was released in 1979. People do listen to what you say, and when you market your program on 15 minute segments, and when the average person listens for 15 minutes and can not tell that Cunningham is just "pretending", don't be shocked when one of those people act on Willie’s claims of fact. When I hear WLW hosts whine about the truthfulness of politicians or others they don't like, I will be laughing at that host, and I will be posting here their hypocrisy.

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