Friday, August 16, 2002

I have been marooned since Wed Night
9,000 Cincinnati Bell customers lost all telephone service Monday Night. As of this morning I still had no service. I think this has clinched that I will be getting a cable modem in the near future and maybe a cell phone too. I am happy to be back blogging, but I may not be back again until Saturday at 5 PM.

Almost 10,000 Customers Are Without Telephone Service
This is what caused my outage, and here is a story of the same from WLWT. This morning the phone company's spin was that the 9,000 were down to only 2,800 people. I was still part of the 2,800 people. The Enquirer and the Post seem to have just ignored the story, I guess they believed the 24-hour claim made yesterday, which has since gone by the wayside. I hope Cincinnati Bell makes me happy with a reduction of my bill. I want something reasonable, like a free month's service. I will be lucky if they give me 10% off on the monthly charge, not including taxes and fees of course.

Also, I will not have access to my email during this period. I feel like I am living back in 1989, oh the humanity.

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