Sunday, February 01, 2004

Peter Bronson: Trend Setter

Well, I see that Peter Bronson is ahead of the curve once again. He amused us today with a column where he was making fun of Howard Dean's famous "I have a scream speech." I think Cincinnati is rubbing off on Peter way to much. This joke is almost 2 weeks old now and about a week ago everyone in the media realized they went way over board with their coverage of it. I guess Peter missed that, which is odd because he is so in touch with current events and all. I mean we usually get freshly salted Bill Clinton references in his columns, so hitting on Howard Dean two weeks later is really cutting edge. I expect to get the John Kerry jokes by October. That will be enough time for Peter to look up the jokes made about Kerry's hair. It Bronson has any courage he will try and belittle the military career of John Kerry. That would really be a hoot.

Peter, for the record, I think most of us new you were "mad" years ago. We just don't have time to call the padded wagon for you.

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