Sunday, February 01, 2004

Cincinnati Tomorrow is Today

CT is the headline story on the Enquirer's website today. Maggie Downs has a great story giving the history and future of the organization which is in it second year of activity. As a CT regular I am very happy to take part in the group's functions and am glad they are continuing to expand their reach into the community. I really get a lot from this group. I have made great friends, met influential people, and it has helped plug me into the creative and intellectual scene in Cincinnati.

I am disappointed, but not surprised by Mayor Charlie Luken's comments on the group
"I consider myself part of the creative class," Luken explains. "They're all 20-somethings, but I'll take the 30-, 40-, 50- and 60-somethings, too. People my age are moving back downtown, too."
Charlie would be surprised. We do tend to be younger. At 32 I usually am above the average age, but we have many people in their 30's as regulars, and several in their 40's. Charlie should understand that this group's events tend to appeal towards singles or couples without children. We are open to everyone, however, and if Charlie wants to represent the 50 somethings, I suggest he come out next Thursday and find out what our walks are like. We braved the snow last Thursday and had a great time. I think Chaz could stand mingling with a few 20-30 somethings, we don't bite after all.

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