Tuesday, August 13, 2002

RADEL: Festival seating too risky
Can we call Cliff the Drama Queen of the Enquirer? Did he read my post on his prior column? I don't know, but he certainly seems to be in line with the Enquirer's School Mum attitude. Cliff seems to be stuck on emotions left over from 1979. He also seems to be stuck in the mindset that any "risk" is too much. I guess the thousands of festival seating deaths since 1979 have convinced him that the ban is completely justified. Oh, what do you say? There have not been thousands or even hundreds of deaths from festival seating? I can't name any other deaths from festival seating at all. I personally have survived 3 Dead shows back in 1989-1991 which all had more than 5 times the number of people in festival style seats. No one died at Live Aid in 1985. There were injuries at the various Woodstocks, but mostly due to the mosh pits. Why doesn’t cliff protest Riverbend's festival seating? I just don't get the misplaced emotionalism.

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