Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The Enquirer Sinks to a New Editorial Low
Did the editorial board hire Phil Burress? I think they just read Phil's website, CCV. The Enquirer wants to claim pornography hurts people, and they use the recent arrests of the international child porn ring. 99.9% of pornography is not child porn. Child porn is disgusting, is clearly illegal, and those doing it should be caught and beat on. Child porn is RARE!!!! It is not common. If you read the Enquirer's editorial today you would think that is the only porn people can get. If I use their "logic", I must conclude that every Catholic Priest is a child molester. That would of course be absurd. I must ask the Enquirer to tell me who is hurt by making or looking at hard-core pornography? Child porn does not count, so don't try that again, it is already illegal. Next they might drag out Ted Bundy. I really want to know where they get their support for stating: "Violence and perverse behavior linked to pornography use is documented in research." Whose research??? The CCV? I would bet there is research still out there by some religious nuts showing that masturbation will make you go blind. I also hope that the conservatives who like their porn don't blame this on "liberals" as they blame them for everything else. This is not a liberal method; this is Phil Burress and the theocratic fascists. The Enquirer is to prudish to even put their opinion pages on the web. I guess they think that will keep people buying the paper. And so it goes.

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