Wednesday, August 14, 2002

CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide The Scarlet 'L'
I thought I could avoid it, but I am a sucker for a cliché. You go Girl!!! I have leveled Kathy with lots of criticism on her dance from progressive populism to liberalism and back again, but on this I have to applaud her means of handling Dwight Patton.

I also wish to point out that Dwight Patton is not a liberal; he is a populist of the worst kind, socially extremely conservative, and economically socialist. I will not understand how anyone could align themselves with a bigot like Patton or the BUF. I do not know why Stonewall joined forces with this group or the other similar groups in the boycott. This guy is not that far from the bigotry of the likes of Jerry Fallwell, but you don't hear the condemnation from the PP's or many Libs. I for one am sick of the bigots that seem to get free rein on 1230 the Buzz spouting hate speech toward every race but their own, and at homosexuals particularly. I hope Jay Love reads this column.

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