Friday, August 09, 2002

CityBeat: Letters (2002-08-08)
A typical letter from one who finds blame, but can't seem to find the specifics as to what the problems are.

The Truth Is out There
I would like to respond to Mark Wagner's comments in last week's letters section Blacks Part of the Problem issue of Aug. 1-7). How dare he blame the black community for the problems in Cincinnati? Does he know who he really should blame for the racial problems in Cincinnati? Here's the real truth.

First of all, go down to City Hall and confront your arrogant mayor, your clueless city manager and your airheaded city council members, who wouldn't even know how to run a marathon let alone a city. Then, go to District One headquarters, the most corrupt and evil organization in this one-horse town, and confront Police Chief Tom Streicher.

Why doesn't Wagner and people with his thinking accept the fact that Cincinnati, Ohio USA is an overly and ridiculously conservative, racist city? Cincinnati doesn't believe in change, progress or justice for all. That's why there is a boycott in this city.

Now, before Wagner points his finger at the black community, he should take a good damn look around and see the racism and injustice in this God-forsaken city. That's the real truth!

And if you can't handle the truth, my advice is don't mess with it.

-- Fredrick Malone

Freddie needs to get a clue. Show me the racism. Write it down and publish the incidents. I will then ask you to listen to 1230 the Buzz on a given weekday, and then write down the regular callers who spout the vilest racist dogma I have ever heard. They at times eclipse the worst KKK idiot. They are allowed to do this everyday, and some of them are even guest on the weekends or one even has his own radio show. The hosts on the weekday shows emote veiled shock at their comments, while giggling at the controversy it gins up. You can't compare anything that you hear on WLW to the racism and constant bigotry that WDBZ has on its airwaves on a regular basis.

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