Tuesday, April 27, 2004

"Winning the War on Terror Tour"

The name of the BushCo campaign's effort to attack Kerry is actually called "Winning the War on Terror Tour" . I really hope that I never hear a Republican claim that BushCo is not politicizing "the war."

What I find distressing: Bush has only two messages. One is an anti-Kerry spin where they troll out the usual bullshit campaigns do. They try the “what you voted against” gambit. In case you are too ignorant to understand, most every time each party has a budget plan and they are voted on multiple times. Most party members vote in preliminary votes for their party's plan and against the other party's plan. That is the game. Both plans are usually 90% the same, but each party will vote against the other party's plan. Thus "Kerry voted against body armor" is as true as "Trent Lott voted against tax cuts."

BushCo's second message makes me wonder were the firefly girl is: "Don't change horses in midstream."

So that's it. Don't vote for the other guy and stay the course. That is all BushCo has to say at this point. No plans to do anything different. Their plan I guess is to ride the tax cut into the Promised Land? Do nothing and all will happen just as he planned. This is the man with leadership? He has a secret plan to win the War in Iraq and the "War on Terra," but if BushCo tells anyone, let alone Bush, then it may not work.

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