Sunday, April 25, 2004

Anti-Abortion Website Keeping Tabs On Maggie Downs?

A hardcore anti-abortion "news" site reported the following:
"'More than one million people are expected to participate in the rally, which could make it the largest march for legal abortion in US history,' the Cincinnati newspaper predicted. The Associated Press said 'an estimated 750,000' were slated to converge on the nation's capital. "
Now I found this article by a general Google search and then wondered what "Cincinnati newspaper" they were referring to, since they had not bothered to quote it correctly. I just searched Google again and found a story from the Enquirer by Maggie Downs which included that quote. I don't really think they are watching Maggie's reporting, but it is just odd the way it was incorrectly quoted. I think Maggie was at the event covering it for the Enquirer. She did the same thing last year for the anti-abortion rally. I wonder if that rally met expectations? I wonder if this anti-abortion news site reported that?

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