Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Nothing to See Here

Ray Cooklis gives another conservative spin on media commentary totally ignoring the charges of which that commentary was based. Gee, the allegations only involve lying to American public, being obsessed with the Iraq over al Qaeda, the subversion of the Constitution, manipulation of the oil markets, and failure to gain the full analysis of Secretary of State before deciding to go to war. I wonder why people are talking about things like that. I wonder why it is likened to Nixon's actions. (Cough, Cough) I guess Bush can do what ever he wants and the media should just shut up about it unless they can heave praise on him. Well, if Bush does not carry the conservative's water I guess the media can mention that, as long as the bow to fearless leader while doing it.

Ray, you failed to even mention Bush’s HORRIBLE press conference this week where his comments, or many of them, would have fit into your column better than anything. Good catch there dude! Way to ignore the blatant and meaningful, and go after the insignificant and invalid spin.

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