Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Earth to Dorette

A Letter to the Enquirer:
Democratic criticism undermines war

Every time Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. John Kerry, or other Democrats open their mouths criticizing the war on terror, another Marine or soldier dies. As they continue to undermine President Bush, or as I say, give aid to and abet the enemy, they give the enemy reason to doubt our resolve. Please support Bush in this war. I am a proud Marine's mom and aunt.

Dorette Landis, Maineville
Dorette, you seem to be living in a George Bush fantasy world. We happen to live in a country where everyone has the right of free speech. Secondly, it is the CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY of our congressmen and senator to stand as watchdogs on the Executive Branch (that would be George Bush and his Administration Ms. Landis). It is rather obvious that as of now, Bush has no plan in Iraq. They are flying by the seat of their pants and are in danger of plunging the country into further chaos. If Kerry and Kennedy did not speak up, they would shirking their duty.

Also, how ignorant must you be to actually think that anything Kerry says is really listened to in by Iraqis fighting in the streets. Lady, George Bush is the commander in chief. Whether he is has the courage to accept it or not, the buck stops with him. Anyone dying in Iraq is the result of the war. Bush owns this war. Don't try and blame it on anyone else.

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