Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Don't Blame the City

A Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Investigator shot and killed a suspect. What puts a wrinkle into this is that the officer in question was also involved in a 2001 incident were police shot into the crowd the protested after the funeral of Tim Thomas. He was cleared of wrong doing in that incident.

What will drive this case as it does with all police public issue is the race of the suspect. It was not give in the article. If he was black we will hear outrage. If he was not black we will not hear outrage. That is the way of world with activists who think in terms of race, and not in terms of humanity.

What I found shocking was the glibness of Simon Leis on this incident:
Mercado may take a few days off if he wishes, but isn't required to take administrative leave, Leis said.
That is amazing that they have no policy to at least require an officer to take off time to assure he is able to cope with killing another human being. Not to mention that there seems to be no investigation at all into what happened. I would assume that they incident is either on video or audio tape since it was undercover, which may account for things being so cut and dry. If not, it looks like Leis just does not care about what happened. What a cold SOB.

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