Sunday, April 18, 2004

Took the Bait

Marcus Carey, chairman of the Republican Party in Kentucky's 4th congressional district, is frankly, a fool. He is all in bother over last week's George Clooney column where George threw down the gauntlet and said don't attack my dad (Nick) by attacking me, it wont work. Well for some stupid reason, Carey does just that. I have to wonder why Carey bothers? It will not work. People love Nick Clooney and think he is a nice guy. I bet their are plenty of people who don't even know that George is his son. More over, if they do or now know, they do not care. It is funny how Carey tries, after cherry picking on George, makes references to Nick's alleged opinions saying he said this or said that, but makes no reference to when or where or exactly what Nick said on the issues. He does not even quote him, just says he said these things, like claiming "any American who would own a gun is a barbarian." It would have been nice to read a real quote of that, instead of a claim with no support.

On Carey's attempt at humor, I would just point out that George's also did mention that a GOP take over of the 4th district seat would be a Return of the Killer Tomatoes.

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