Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Dog Chases Cat

Is this really blogworthy? The NY Post's John Podhoretz comes up the all to great commentary on Kerry: "Kerry is a terrible, terrible, terrible candidate." That is just so enlightening. I am convinced. Gee ma, I did not know this. I thought misleading people into a war was bad, but CW on Kerry just "must" be right. (COUGH, COUGH)

Rob, come on, if you are going to harp on Kerry, how about something better than flipflops and who voted for what in a bill that wasn't going to pass anyway (or was along party lines anyway.) Most of all come up with a writer without the most trite conservative analysis that a 6 year old couldn't write.

Kerry must have lied on the customer survey at Denny’s. He really did not have the eggs and toast, he had Waffles, and when he said they were great, he could have been telling the truth.

Now, where are those WMD??? Where was the threat from Iraq (note one that could have hurt someone in Saddam's lifetime)? Where is the Iraq - al Qaeda connection? Oh, those don't matter? SUV's, medals, haircuts? This is best you got? Come on, attack on substance, not on this bullcrap. We have a President with no Plan in Iraq, and whether Kerry toss away his medals is the fodder for the right wing. Amazing. Nothing to see hear. All is well. Don't changes horses in midstream.

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