Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Jones Case

The Local NAACP is claiming Nathaniel Jones died by asphyxiation. This claim is support by a report paid for by the NAACP produced by Dr. Joye M. Carter, a forensic pathologist.

Why did the NAACP refuse to release the full report to the media? It would be rather useful to know why this doctor stated one cause of death, while the local ME declared Jones died rom a heart problem exacerbated by the struggle with police.

This is the basis for a lawsuit and it is nothing but normal wrongful death civil action type of tactics.

The Enquirer has more and this story, WCPO, and it was picked up big time by the AP (no Nate quote this time...thanks John Nolan!), but did the AP reports have to continue carrying the "number" along:
Jones was at least the 19th black man to die in violent confrontations with Cincinnati police since 1995. Police union leaders said the men who died threatened officers with weapons.
Police say that all but 4 of the 19 had weapons I believe. So the story was even wrong there. If one wants to be Dramatic yet accurate, then say "Jones for the 4th unarmed black man killed by police since 1995. For the record some might say more than 4, but that might be the number, unless you do or don't count a brick or a car.

Also comments from Greg Mann.

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