Friday, April 30, 2004

WCPO Issues Statement on 'NightLine'

Why did WCPO feel the need to issue a statement about tonight's 'Nightline'? I hope it was just a large number of phone calls on the subject wondering if they are going to air it, and not demand that they do not air it.

This "controversy" is not one. This is political censorship. Sinclair's political motives are clear. They seek to re-elect Bush. They defense here is that 'Nightline' is doing the same thing, which is wrong. So, do what I say not what I do appear to be getting another go around.

I turned on WB64's "news" program at 10PM to see if they covered the "controversy" at all. I watched the beginning, but did not see much beyond that. They have a poll up on their website asking if they should air it, but it has problems working. At this point readers think they should air the program 80% to 20%.

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