Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bronson's Not Drunk, Maybe He Should Be

Bronson pulls yet another claim out of his ass:
But anyone who thinks it's OK for 15-year-olds to sample the "Bavarian experience" of after-school keg parties should have their adult licenses suspended until they pass Breathalyzer tests.
Ok, we know Peter has a problem with any country who does not grovel at the feet of BushCo. He might want to check the last names of a large portion of the people who live in the area. They would be German. German culture, in case you missed Oktoberfest, includes drinking beer. Where does anyone say that drinking underage will harm kids? How does drinking beer at age 17 (I don't think most of the kids were 15, so Peter fudged that one) hurt a kid any more than a 21 year old. If you are a temperance freak who fears booze, fine, but don't try and make it out that beer will kill a 17 year old, but at 18 you instantly are immune to the death causing agents contained in beer. At that point you are deemed responsible enough to die for the county, vote of its leaders, but not responsible enough to not drink and drive. I guess the gene develops at age 21, we all no there are no DUI's for anyone after that.....(wink).

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