Sunday, April 25, 2004

Bronson's Shame: Does He Even Notice?

He can't let it rest. He can't write a column about a POW without both slamming Cincinnati for not being faux patriotic enough nor can he resist trying to paint anti-war protestors as anti-troop:
'Because it hits so close to home,' Eyer explained. She didn't know Matt or the Maupin family. But her response is what makes small-town Batavia so different from big-city Cincinnati.

I saw it when we went to war, and Batavia rallied to support the troops while antiwar protesters yawped on Fountain Square. And I saw it again last night when the crowd stood and sang 'I'm Proud to be an American.' They can wave flags and reach out to someone in trouble because they don't have both hands full of cynical doubts and pretentious baggage.
Does Bronson have any shame? I have said nothing but positive comments on the Matt Maupin POW situation. I even watched some of the church service on TV where a preacher invoked BushCo's "the Iraq War is part of the War on Terrorism" propaganda. I held my tongue then, and will do it again now.

Bronson seems to want to just kill Cincinnati as much as Nate Livingston. Both men's answer is to drive everyone out, level it, and build each man’s version of a fascist utopia, all be it from different social/religious/race perspectives. I don't want to totally compare Peter to Nate. Nate's level of attention whoring, racism and bigotry towers over Bronson's. To be clear Bronson is only two of the three (not a racist).

UPDATE: Greg Mann also comments.

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