Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Ooooo, What a Crime Wave

Oh boy, Ohio is safe from a bunch of kids going off by themselves and taking drugs. Oh, glory be! The great Satan of rave parties is dead in Oxford. Everyone can sleep a sound sleep knowing that those horrible ravers won't invade your house and leave glow sticks and Cat-in-the-Hats lying around. The evildoers have been smited. Lets all sing cheesy songs now singing praises to Bush for this glorious day. All bow before fearless leader!

I don't know how this devolved down to a slam on Bush, but what the Hell, if Bronson can drag Clinton into everything, I sure can.

Also, the Warren County Sheriff is checking tinted windows. I guess they are through with all of theft and robbery cases and have just moved on to the really important stuff.

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