Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ratings Ploy?

Is this just a ratings ploy on the part of Elton John? I guess because Al Sharpton did not win the Democratic nomination, it is because everyone is racist? The same would go for Allan Keys in 2000. Elton is reaching or his off handed comment was picked up by a race obsessed press. If he wants to say that the public are ignorant on picking vocal talent, he can and he would likely be correct. He is wrong to try and say American Idol is about picking the best singer. It is about picking a "star" who has the full package of "talent," beyond just the voice (yes I say this while laughing out loud.) In other words it is just a popularity contest. Who does Elton think are the majority of people voting for this? Teenagers are, or at least they are through their parents. Why would anyone be shocked that this turned into a high school popularity contest, not Star Search

By the way Elton, how racist can the voting be when largely the same voter base last year picked a black man as the winner?

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