Friday, April 02, 2004

Ohio Mayors

It Appears that mayors from Toledo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Dayton sent a joint letter to Treasury Secretary John Snow criticizing his comments about outsourcing American jobs. The Enquirer reported them on Tuesday:
The outsourcing of U.S. jobs "is part of trade ... and there can't be any doubt about the fact that trade makes the economy stronger," Treasury Secretary John Snow said Monday in Cincinnati.
Well, I never like "..." in the lead of story, but the context seems like comments that been attributed to Snow before.

The word "cold" comes to mind when I think of Snow, and that is not because I grew up about an hour from Buffalo, NY.

The story lacks much of any depth. He was here on a dog and pony tour to local big businesses, who support the GOP. What purpose did his visit serve?

I missed where the Editorial Board issued an opinion on Snow or his visit. It would nice to get a little bit more news than just the BushCo's view on the Economy. The Ohio Mayor's letter only made the news brief section of the Enquirer.

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